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Private Training

One to one and small group private training are available on request.


One to One Training

One to one training is the ultimate way to accelerate your progress on the mat. There is nothing like having a highly skilled coaches undivided attention for an hour to troubleshoot and work on whatever you are struggling with in sparring, or to level up your game with new skills and techniques.

If you aren't quite at that level yet, one to one coaching is the quickest and easiest way to master the basics of your chosen martial art.

Whether that be learning the fundamentals of stance and footwork for boxing, how to correcly throw a round kick for Muay Thai, or how to throw on a triangle choke, working one to one with a coach will get you there in half the time of training purely in large group classes.

Small Group Training

If you would prefer to train with a friend or as a small group of 2-6 people, our coaches can run bespoke, private sessions covering whatever aspect of martial arts training you and your group are most interested in working on.

The benefits of this kind of session over joining our regular timetabled classes include the following:

- increased control over the content of your training

- students get more individual attention and guidance from the coaches

- less people in the room means less distraction and more focus, these sessions allow you to really tune in and concentrate on making progress

The hourly rate of these sessions can be split between however many are training, making this a more affordable option that working one to one with a coach.


Youth One to One Training

All of the services mentioned above are also available for our young martial artists at a reduced rate.


Large group martial arts classes, especially youth sessions, can be a bit hectic and distracting, and some students really benefit from some one to one time with one of our coaches.


These sessions are super valuable for any young athletes that are already or have aspirations of becoming competitors. 

Pricing and Availability

Prices vary for all of our private training services. For a personalised private training plan, and more information about our pricing and availability, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to request a free private training consultation.

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